Multimedia Conversion Library

Multimedia Conversion Library ("MCL") library adds powerful video and audio conversion capabilities to your applications with support for most of widely used image, video and audio formats, image filters and text output. MCL can reduce development time of a custom video conversion software with minimal increase of expenses. It provides native support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

Multimedia Conversion Library

MCL supports the following multimedia formats:

Video Formats Description Required DLL
AVI* (avi, ivf, divx) Windows Audio Video Interleaved
BAYER (bay) Bayer Image (read only)
BMP (bmp, dib, rle) Windows Device Independent Bitmap
DICOM (dcm, dic, dicom) Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine libdicom
DCRAW (cr2, crw, dng, raw, erf, raf, 3fr, dcr, kdc, mos, mef, mrw, mdc, nef, nrw, orf, rw2, pef, x3f, srw, sr2, arw) Digital Camera RAW libdcraw
CVR (cin, cine) Vision Research CINE (read/uncompressed only) libcvr
FLIC (fli, flc) Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro
GIF (gif, giff) Graphics Interchange Format libgif (for writing)
HAV (hav) High quality Audio Video libhav
JPEG (jpg, jpeg, jif, jfif, j) Joint Photographic Expert Group, JFIF 1.02 libjpg
JPEG-2000 (jp2, jpc, j2k, j2c) JPEG-2000 File Format / Code Stream libjp2
MPEG-1/2 (mpg, mpeg, mpe, m1v, m2v) Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 libmpg
MPEG-4 (mp4) Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-4 libmpg
OGV (ogv, ogg) Ogg Video (Theora codec) libogg
PCX (pcx) Zsoft Paintbrush
PNG (png) Portable Network Graphics libpng
PNM (pnm, ppm, pgm) Portable Image
RAS (ras, sun) Sun Raster Image
RGB (sgi, rgb, rgba, bw) Silicon Graphics Image
TARGA (tga) Truevision Targa
TIFF (tif, tiff) Truevision Targa libtiff
WEBM (webm) Web Media (YouTube) libmpg
WMV* (wmv, wm) Windows Media Video libwmv
XPM (xpm) X-Pixmap libxpm
Audio Formats Description Required DLL
AAC (m4a) MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (write only) libmpg
AC3 (ac3) Dolby Digital compatible libmpg
MPEG AUDIO (mpa, mp2, mp3) MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer II/III (MP3 read only) libmpg
OGG (ogg, oga) Ogg Vorbis Audio libogg
OPUS (opus) Opus Audio libmpg
WAV (wav) Windows Wave Sound
WMA (wma) Windows Media Audio libwmv

*Some sub-formats may need external codecs for decoding/encoding. For example to save XviD compressed AVI you need to have XviD codec installed.

Including libdsw-x.x.x.dll and libmpg-x.x.x.dll will enable MCL to import more AVI subformats and other file formats like ASF, WMV, WMA, MOV, MP4, MKV, HEVC, TS, UltraHD, etc.

Video functions and filters include Gamma Correction, Brightness, Contrast, White Balance, Soften, Sharpen, Find Edges, Edge Enhance, Resize, Resample, Add Border, Remap, Insert Image, Temporal Average, Deinterlace, Text / Font Functions.

Direct support and sample code for:

  • GNU-CC / MinGW -- 32-bit / 64-bit
  • MS Visual C++ -- 32-bit / 64-bit
  • MS Visual Basic -- 32bit
  • QtCreator -- 32-bit
  • Lazarus (Free Pascal) -- 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Borland C++ -- 32bit
  • Borland C++Builder -- 32bit
  • Borland Delphi -- 32bit

You can build entire application using the demo copy of MCL to see if it suits your needs. The only difference between the registered and unregistered copy is in displaying a textual banner over the output pictures.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)