Opening files

There are several ways to open files in VideoMach:

  • METHOD 1: Click File > Open and choose the files to be open.
  • METHOD 2: Open image sequences by clicking File > Open then clicking just the first image in the sequence. This is an extremely fast way to open tenths of thousands of images, if their file names are properly formatted. Open just the first image in the sequence and the rest will follow.
  • METHOD 3: Use File > Add Entire Folder to open all files in a folder.
  • METHOD 4: Drag'n'drop from Windows Explorer (or other program) to VideoMach.
  • METHOD 5: Select files in Windows Explorer, copy them to clipboard, then paste in VideoMach.
  • METHOD 6: Use Edit > Paste from Text to paste file names you copied from a text editor.
  • METHOD 7: Use File > Insert to insert new files at the currently selected position in the list.