Scales the image.

Width, Height - New image size in pixels. Click the Pick button to choose one of the standard values.

Double, Half - Double or half the current width and height.

Make resolution divisible by - You can make the resolution divisible by a certain number. VideoMach will also automatically make resolution divisible by 4 when exporting to DIVX, XVID and other codecs that require resolutions divisible by 4.

Use fixed aspect ratio - When checked, preserves image proportions. Height and widht will always keep the same ratio. Changing width will change height and vice versa. To independently change width and height uncheck this option.

Smooth resize - When checked, uses quality interpolation for scaling images up or down. When turned off, uses fast but low-quality resize that may produce aliasing artifacts.

Fitting method: - Specifies what to do when input picture has different proportions than output resolution:

  • Simple Stretch (possible distortions) - It will stretch / shrink the picture to fit the specified size regardless of distortions. People and animals may look too wide or too narrow, car wheels elliptical instead of circular. But entire picture will be visible and without borders.


  • Stretch to Fit (proportional) - Avoids picture distortions by adding borders. Color of the border can be changed.


  • Zoom to Fit (proportional) - Avoids distortions by zooming the picture until it fills the output rectangle. It enlarges the central part of the picture and cuts out top-bottom or left-right parts. This is acceptable if the outside parts of the picture contain nothing important.


Border Color - Specifies the border color for the "Stretch to Fit" method.