Working with projects

The project files are used when:

  • You need to open the same video/audio files many times in a row.
  • You often use the same output settings or video filters.
  • You wish to save your current work to continue some time later.

Saving Projects:
To save a project click Project > Save, enter the name of the project file and select the information to save:

  • List of Files - Save the current video and audio files, their in/out points, frame rates and links.
  • Video Effects - Save the applied video effects and their in/out points.
  • Output Settings - Save the output file name(s), video and audio codecs and other output settings.

Opening Projects:
To open a project click Project > Open. If the project contains a media list, the current video and audio lists are cleared and new files are open. If the project contains video filters, current filters are replaced with the new ones. If there are output settings in the project, current settings are overwritten with the new ones.

Merging Projects:
Sometimes you want to open a project without deleting the current files. Or you wish to open just a part of the project, for example Output Settings only. To do that click Project > Merge and choose which part to load. Files will be added to the list, without clearing the previous contents. Video filters will be appended to the existing ones. The only exception are Output Settings, which (if they exist) will always overwrite the current settings.