Speed and Direction

This dialog enables you to speed up, slow down, set the picture delay, frame rate, or change direction of a video clip.

Video Speed Modes:

  • Display each picture for N seconds - Good for slide shows or credit screens when you want a picture (or several of them) to last for several seconds. Enter the number of seconds in the edit box, or click "Pick" to select one of the predefined values.
  • Speed up N times - Speeds up the video. To make a video 2 times faster, enter 2 in the edit box. To make it 7.5 times (750%) faster enter 7.5 in the edit box. To revert to original speed enter 1.
  • Slow down N times - To make a video 5 times slower, enter 5 in the edit box. To revert to original speed enter 1.
  • Set frame rate - This is useful when you want to adjust the input frame rate of images for example. If your images were rendered at 4000 fps, enter 4000 in the edit box so that VideoMach knows the original frame rate. To revert to original frame rate click "Pick" and choose "Original speed" from the list.

Direction - Choose whether the video is played forward or backward. This doesn't affect the audio track.