Create Matrix

This tool arranges videos in a grid of NxN rows and columns.

After clicking Tools > Create Matrix you will initially see the Save As dialog. Choose the output settings as usual when saving the output file. Then click the Start button. Don't worry, it won't start saving the output file yet. Instead, the Matrix dialog will open where you can modify the following settings:

Matrix Size

Columns (X) - Number of horizontal columns of the matrix.

Rows (Y) - Number of vertical rows of the matrix.


Parallel mode - Puts several videos one next to another. Very handy to display video from N cameras showing the same event from different angles. If you're using an array of images as the source, open them as image sequence so they can be processed as a single video file. Otherwise each picture will be treated as an independent video input.

Serial mode - Arranges pictures from the same file. This is useful if you need to preview multiple pictures from a single file.


After processing the longest file - In parallel mode, process all pictures from the longest file. When shorter files run out of pictures, they will always show their last picture.

After processing the shortest file - In parallel mode, stop as soon as the shortest file is processed.

Note 1 - All video filters are applied before the videos are combined into the matrix. This includes resizing. If you set output resolution to 800x600, and you have a 4x4 matrix, the real output resolution will be 3200x2400. Which may not be what you want.

Note 2 - This tool processes only the video. All audio is ignored.