Imagen is a multimedia player initially developed for playing HAV files, later extended to support numerous other media formats. Imagen has a unique capability to play sequentially numerated images as if they belong to a video file. Image sequences are frequently generated by digital cameras, capture devices, 3D rendering software, etc. Use this player for quick preview before converting your images to more efficient video formats like AVI, HAV, WMV or MPEG.

Supported formats:

  • AC3, Dolby Digital compatible
  • AVI / DIVX / IVF, Windows Audio Video Interleaved
  • BAY, Bayer Image
  • BMP / DIB Windows Device Independent Bitmap
  • CINE, Vision Research CINE, (read/uncompressed only)
  • FLC / FLI, Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro
  • GIF, Graphics Interchange Format
  • HAV, High quality Audio Video
  • JP2, JPEG-2000 File Format / CodeStream
  • JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group
  • MPA / MP2 / MP3, MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer II/III (MP3 read only)
  • MPEG, Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1/2
  • OGG, OggVorbis Audio
  • OGV, OggVorbis Video/Audio
  • PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush
  • PNG, Portable Network Graphics
  • PNM / PPM, Portable Image
  • RGB / SGI, Silicon Graphics Image
  • TGA, Truevision Targa
  • TIFF, Tagged Image File Format
  • WAV, Windows Wave Sound
  • WMA, Windows Media Audio
  • WMV, Windows Media Video
  • XPM, X-Pixmap

Formats supported through DirectShow filters (read only):

  • ASF, Advanced Streaming Format
  • MOV, QuickTime Movie
  • MP4, MPEG-4 audio/video

Imagen may also support other multimedia formats depending on which DirectShow filters are installed on your system.

Imagen screenshot

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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