What's new in Photo Vacuum Packer

Photo Vacuum Packer 2010.3    (2010-12-03)

  • Added: Support for JPEG-2000 file format on input
  • Added: Option to skip 32-bit and 8-bit images
  • Added: Option to set current or keep original file date
  • Changed: Even better JPEG optimization
  • Changed: Progressive web-compatible image encoding
  • Changed: Optimized files are always stored to a new folder
  • Fixed: Checking for updates was displaying window even if no updates were found

Photo Vacuum Packer 2010.2    (2010-02-11)

  • Changed: For safety reasons the replaced folders are now moved to Recycle Bin; they must be deleted manually to free up the space

Photo Vacuum Packer 2010.1    (2010-02-01)

  • Changed: The default answer when asking whether to copy output folder over the input is now "No"
  • Fixed: Program was sometimes reporting that input folder is inside the output even when this wasn't the case

Photo Vacuum Packer 2010    (2010-01-21)

  • Initial release