Video Filters menu

Add - Adds a new video filter to the end of the list. For complete list of video filters click here.

Insert - Inserts a new video filter at the highlighted position in the list.

Settings... - Displays the settings dialog if the selected video filter has one.

Jump to In Point - Move preview position to the in-point of the selected video filter.

Jump to Out Point - Move preview position to the out-point of the selected video filter.

Apply from (In Point) - Apply the video filter from the currently displayed picture forward (instead to entire video). This is called the In Point.

Apply to (Out Point) - Apply the filter up to (and including) the currently displayed picture. This is called the Out Point.

Apply between... - Edit In/Out Points simultaneously. [more details]

Apply to Current Picture - Apply selected filters to current picture only. Sets in/out point to the current picture.

Apply to Selected Files - Apply selected filters to currently selected file(s) only. Changes in/out points accordingly.

Apply to All Files - Apply filter to all files. Clears in/out points.