What's new in VideoMach

VideoMach 5.15.1   (2015-07-19)

  • [new] Image sequences with date/time numeration and non-sequential numbers can now be open
  • [new] Image sequences are expanded to separate images
  • [new] GIF transparency and looping dialog
  • [new] Edit -> Sort By -> Reverse Order, to reverse order of selected files in the list
  • [chg] Edit In-Out Points dialog now opens faster
  • [chg] Keyboard shortcuts changed, grouped more logically
  • [chg] Split button opens a submenu
  • [chg] Merge Parts function can unsplit files back to a single file
  • [chg] HAV is now playing in Internal Player by default
  • [fix] GIF decoding improved, fixed many bugs
  • [fix] Copy/Paste/Duplicate files and filters fixed
  • [fix] Fixed several bugs in user-interface
  • [fix] Fixed bug in Blend Transparent Area

VideoMach 5.13.0   (2015-04-22)

  • [new] Make Color Transparent, new function to replace the selected color with transparency
  • [new] Animated GIF, support for transparent GIF images on input and output
  • [fix] Animated GIF, fixed bugs in decoder for some rarely used GIF types
  • [fix] Fixed "Memory allocation fault" when navigating frame-by-frame on computers with a lot of RAM

VideoMach 5.12.0   (2015-03-19)

  • [new] Resize dialog, added aspect ratio presets
  • [new] Resize dialog, option to fit preview to window
  • [new] Resize dialog, more 4K resolutions
  • [chg] Crop dialog, easier visual adjustment
  • [chg] Text Overlay dialog, improved time macro controls
  • [chg] Text Overlay dialog, changed macro names to be similar to Windows time macros
  • [chg] Check For Updates, show if update is compatible with the current license key
  • [chg] Apple Prores faster 4:2:2 export
  • [fix] Apple Prores 4K support fixed
  • [fix] Text Overlay dialog, fixed time display bugs

VideoMach 5.11.1   (2014-12-09)

  • [new] Added 12 new timecodes to Text Overlay, all fully customizable (including microseconds)
  • [fix] Fixed minor GUI bugs

VideoMach 5.11.0   (2014-11-27)

  • [new] Reader/decoder for DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) file format (single image for now)
  • [new] Big visual indicator during open file progress
  • [new] Added 5 fps preset frame rate, suitable for wigglegrams
  • [cgh] Speed and Direction dialog now remembers last used display mode
  • [fix] Video Resize dialog didn't always apply the aspect ratio

VideoMach 5.10.8   (2014-11-11)

  • [chg] Video Resize dialog redesigned and simplified, added one more 4K resolution
  • [chg] Default video scaling method is now proportional with borders
  • [fix] Fixed several invalid presets

VideoMach 5.10.7   (2014-10-10)

  • [new] Support for Fastec TS3Cine Bayer encoded TIFFs
  • [chg] Removed outdated settings from the Options window
  • [chg] If output settings are unsupported by the codec VideoMach will display a more informative dialog
  • [fix] MP4 export didn't support all frame rates
  • [fix] MPEG multiplexing failed for HQ encoder

VideoMach 5.10.5   (2014-08-06)

  • [chg] Option to switch off automatic color correction for Vision Research CINE files
  • [chg] Maximum MP4 video data rate increased to 40,000 kbps
  • [fix] Changing video speed didn't change linked audio duration
  • [fix] On some systems there were memory allocation faults

VideoMach 5.10.3   (2014-05-02)

  • [fix] Recently introduced bugs in CINE and OGG decoding

VideoMach 5.10.2   (2014-04-17)

  • [fix] Export to AC3 audio-only files was broken
  • [fix] Memory exceptions and leaks when opening H.264 and few other popular file formats

VideoMach 5.10.1   (2014-03-10)

  • [fix] In some rare cases the program would freeze when opening clips with an audio track
  • [fix] File caching didn't work for some 2GB+ files
  • [fix] It was trying to open numerated video files as a sequence
  • [fix] Sometimes after deleting files Access Violation Exception would appear

VideoMach 5.10.0   (2014-02-01)

  • [new] Native support for opening popular file formats without external codecs, including MP4 (H.263 and H.264/AVC), MOV, WEBM, MKV, FLV, M2TS (Blu-ray), RM, 3GP and more
  • [chg] Navigation slider moves to the exact mouse position, instead of page forward or backward

VideoMach 5.9.16   (2013-12-06)

  • [new] Support for packed CINE (Vision Research) format
  • [new] 32-bit images can be converted to 24-bit by two methods: stripping alpha or blending with color
  • [fix] Recently introduced bug in CINE importer affecting Bayer color decoding

VideoMach 5.9.14   (2013-10-23)

  • [new] Importer for IDT RAW format
  • [new] Exporter for Apple ProRes 444 format
  • [chg] Time macros in Text Overlay display zero-padded values
  • [fix] Very short MPEGs sometimes crashed newest versions of Windows Media Player
  • [fix] Rare MPEG-export memory exceptions
  • [fix] Memory allocation faults when using time macros in Text Overlay

VideoMach 5.9.13   (2013-05-22)

  • [fix] Program would report error when ESC was pressed during opening files
  • [fix] Frame rate when creating MPEG based formats was fixed to 25 fps
  • [fix] OGG audio bitrate is now limited to 500 kbps (per standard)

VideoMach 5.9.12   (2013-05-15)

  • [fix] Fatal error when converting GIFs in case that every frame is a keyframe
  • [fix] Reporting error when a file Thumbs.db was encountered

VideoMach 5.9.10   (2013-03-27)

  • [fix] No more warnings when output picture is over 1200x1200 pixels
  • [fix] License decoding module

VideoMach 5.9.9   (2013-03-05)

  • [new] More resolutions in the Resize filter
  • [new] "Don't show this message again" option in message box
  • [fix] When loading output presets the audio bit rate was not applied
  • [fix] Better support for MPEG based output file formats
  • [fix] Codec warning couldn't be turned off
  • [fix] Main window is confined to desktop rectangle on startup

VideoMach 5.9.8   (2012-10-16)

  • [fix] Produced FLC files are now compatible with FlxPlay
  • [fix] Minor changes in some dialogs
  • [fix] Update check was performed way too often

VideoMach 5.9.7   (2012-09-24)

  • [chg] Info dialog after entering the license key
  • [fix] Bug in Adjust Size when output resolution was 4x higher than input
  • [fix] Text Overlay dialog would reset Time Offset to zero when displayed for 2nd time
  • [fix] Message box was reporting "Out of resources" on some computers

VideoMach 5.9.6   (2012-09-18)

  • [new] Uncompressed codec for FLC
  • [chg] FLC RLE/Delta encoder optimized
  • [fix] 32-bit images are blended with the background color before conversion to 24-bits

VideoMach 5.9.5   (2012-08-13)

  • [fix] Internal memory overwrite causing various bugs

VideoMach 5.9.4   (2012-06-12)

  • [new] Support for writing WebM (YouTube) format
  • [fix] Bug with missing buttons in the message box
  • [fix] Fixed problem with file names containing non-ASCII characters

VideoMach 5.9.3   (2012-04-10)

  • [new] Sponsored mode now available, free for non-commercial use
  • [fix] Various bugfixes

VideoMach 5.9.2   (2012-03-16)

  • [chg] No more banner in Free Mode. Instead the maximum output resolution is limited to YouTube basic size
  • [chg] Multiplexing MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 system streams is much faster
  • [chg] A bit faster loading of DLLs
  • [fix] Reading from system MPEGs larger than 4GB was broken
  • [fix] Writing TIFF images was broken
  • [fix] Memory leaks in some cases

VideoMach 5.9.0   (2011-11-16)

  • [chg] Length of AV files is automatically synced on open. You can set original length by choosing Edit - In/Out Points - Select Entire File
  • [fix] VideoMach now resolves shortcut files dropped on its main window
  • [fix] There was an error opening MPEG files larger than 4 GB
  • [fix] Support for certain formats would disappear on some machines/systems

VideoMach 5.8.8   (2011-07-20)

  • [fix] Inserting unnecessary spaces when generating image sequence numeration
  • [fix] Adjust RGB dialog would sometimes display component value of -0

VideoMach 5.8.7   (2011-07-05)

  • [chg] GIF and PPM files can be open as image sequences instead of being treated as multi-frame sources
  • [fix] Text Overlay: Loading of Italic and Underline properties from a project didn't work properly
  • [fix] Text Overlay: Remembers style from the previously added instance
  • [fix] Speed and Direction: Invalid frame rate for images

VideoMach 5.8.6   (2011-06-13)

  • [new] Command-line option /Help to display list of command-line options
  • [chg] Speed and Direction dialog has been improved
  • [chg] XVID output now automatically rounds video resolution to a multiple of 4
  • [chg] Program help is now online
  • [fix] Video direction wasn't loaded from a project
  • [fix] Text Overlay: On Windows with Large Fonts enabled OK and Cancel buttons were out of the window
  • [fix] White Balance: Clicking on the preview uses the original colors, not the modified ones

VideoMach 5.8.5   (2011-05-23)

  • [new] Command-line option to set the Temporal Average output
  • [new] Text Overlay: Text Align and cursor coordinates
  • [new] Speed and Direction dialog
  • [chg] Text Overlay: Time Scale is now easier to use
  • [chg] Text Overlay: New macros added, some old were removed
  • [chg] A few items in the Edit menu were renamed
  • [chg] Start Now button is replaced with the Tutorial button
  • [fix] Output information didn't always show the actual number of output frames
  • [fix] Video Overlay: Some JPEG files would cause errors
  • [fix] Command-line: Access violation when using the /log option

VideoMach 5.8.4   (2011-02-14)

  • [new] Option to silently install and register videomach from the command line
  • [fix] Minor bugfixes in conversion engine

VideoMach 5.8.3   (2010-11-24)

  • [chg] Passing /S switch to the setup package installs VideoMach silently, without user interface
  • [chg] Add Entire Folder memorizes folders separately from Open Media Files
  • [chg] Add Recent Folders opens folders using Add Entire Folder method
  • [fix] Automatic check for updates was displaying a window even if no new updates were found
  • [fix] File Info dialog was too small when no files were open in the main window
  • [fix] Help => Tutorial link

VideoMach 5.8.2   (2010-11-08)

  • [new] Help > Tutorials opens the internet page with tutorials
  • [chg] Pick Frame Rate and Pick Audio Frequency buttons are always enabled
  • [chg] Other minor changes to the GUI
  • [fix] WMV support didn't work on some Windows 7 machines

VideoMach 5.8.1   (2010-10-22)

  • [chg] Final Resize button is always enabled in Save As dialog
  • [chg] Support for BMPs with negative height (although that's not by BMP specs)
  • [chg] Licensing (new licensing models and prices)

VideoMach 5.8.0   (2010-10-07)

  • [new] New command "Add Entire Folder" to easily open all files in a folder
  • [new] Sorting files by file name, folder, size and random order
  • [chg] Some menu commands moved from File to Edit and Project menu
  • [fix] Command-line parameters were executed out of order
  • [fix] The output folder in the Save As dialog wasn't always memorized
  • [fix] Paste would sometimes insert files at the wrong position
  • [fix] Anti-aliasing problems with Add Text in some cases

VideoMach 5.7.4   (2010-08-23)

  • [chg] Upgraded MPEG encoder/decoder
  • [chg] Faster loading of projects that contain thousands of images
  • [chg] Instead of linking, RGB sliders now have an additional common slider
  • [fix] All RGB functions were using only the red component for adjustments (newly introduced bug while making program code more portable)
  • [fix] Distorted picture after Free Rotate when source file is 8-bit
  • [fix] FLIC encoder produced invalid data for large images
  • [fix] Deleting unlinked audio would sometimes cause access violation exceptions
  • [fix] Error when writing audio and video to separate files

VideoMach 5.7.3   (2010-06-30)

  • [fix] Changed message when a non-existing project is started from command-line
  • [fix] Fixed newly introduced problem with the JPEG library

VideoMach 5.7.2   (2010-06-16)

  • [new] Keyboard shortcuts to move selected items in a list faster and easier
  • [chg] Newer and better Ogg Vorbis and Theora encoders
  • [chg] File information shows video aspect ratio instead of size in megapixels
  • [chg] Minor GUI updates
  • [fix] Input preview didn't refresh after editing in/out points
  • [fix] When audio list was active, Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left didn't behave as expected
  • [fix] After loading a project the in/out points of a video filter could sometimes shift

VideoMach 5.7.1   (2010-06-04)

  • [new] New keyboard shortcuts in the Edit menu, selections can be moved faster in the lists
  • [new] Extended free upgrade period for this version
  • [chg] Minor GUI modifications

VideoMach 5.7.0   (2010-06-01)

  • [new] Choose any WMV and WMA codec, not just the latest one
  • [new] "File" > "In/Out Points" > "Sync to Shortest" (fixes differences in audio/video duration for a single file)
  • [new] New macros and macro options for Text Overlay
  • [new] Extra Copy/Paste options
  • [new] Current frame information (press F6)
  • [new] File Information displays embedded comments for AVI and WMV
  • [chg] Enhanced MPEG video encoder and MPEG audio encoder/decoder
  • [chg] Fade In/Out now produce a more natural fading effect
  • [chg] Text Overlay macro paramters are now enclosed in { }
  • [chg] When clicking on a video file, it's linked audio is selected as well
  • [chg] File Comments button moved from AVI dialog to Output Settings dialog
  • [chg] Much faster Paste/Duplicate
  • [chg] When loading presets the output file name is only minimally modified if necessary
  • Removed: Project > Clear List doesn't exist anymore
  • [fix] OpenSeq was asking for confirmation when used from the command line
  • [fix] Animated GIFs are now open as video files, not image sequences
  • [fix] Estimated time to completion was invalid on computers with inaccurate microsecond timer
  • [fix] Internal Player crashes if the Space key is pressed during playing
  • [fix] "Same file on input and output" warning even when it wasn't the case
  • [fix] Errors when trying to write OGG audio with sample rate below 16000 Hz
  • [fix] Custom print resolution couldn't be enabled
  • [fix] After calling Audio > Sync Length on the silence item, the new length wasn't displayed
  • [fix] Some macros weren't interpreted immediately in the Text Overlay dialog
  • [fix] Many incosistencies in documentation

VideoMach 5.5.3   (2009-07-17)

  • [new] Support for CINE compression 5
  • [new] Automatic frame rate correction for high speed imaging sources
  • [chg] Decimal separator is defined by local system settings
  • [fix] Site license wasn't working for non-admin users on XP
  • [fix] When loading a block of images the ESC key wouldn't abort the operation
  • [fix] GIF palette problem

VideoMach 5.5.2   (2009-06-10)

  • [chg] Output info panel easier to read
  • [fix] A few minor bugs in the engine

VideoMach 5.5.1   (2009-06-01)

  • [chg] After modifying in/out points for image sequences the real name of the first image is displayed
  • [fix] Places bar wasn't displayed in the save-file dialog

VideoMach 5.5.0   (2009-05-28)

  • [new] "File" > "Split Here" to split a video file in two at any point, ideal for deleting or modifying parts of a larger video
  • [new] "File" > "Information" > "Current Image Info" to display name and position of an image in the current file or image sequence
  • [new] "File" > "Information" > "Change Status Bar Display Unit" to choose in which unit is position displayed
  • [chg] Further improvements in reading Windows Media files
  • [chg] List of filters better integrated into menus
  • [chg] Status bar less cluttered, now displays position in only the selected unit

VideoMach 5.4.0   (2009-04-15)

  • [new] Native WMV/WMA reader resulting in much better support for Windows Media format
  • [new] Support for YUV colorspace inside TIFF file format
  • [fix] Invalid preview when using Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down to move files up and down in the list
  • [fix] Several minor bugs

VideoMach 5.3.2   (2009-03-20)

  • [new] New resize presets
  • [fix] A few minor bugs in GUI
  • [fix] Several bugs in the Video Overlay filter
  • [fix] Insert Video Filter would display preview taking into account all previous filters, instead just of those above it

VideoMach 5.3.1   (2009-03-02)

  • [fix] Site and World-Wide Site license keys weren't always recognized on Vista
  • [fix] Preview frames in the main window may sometimes display unnecessary scrollbars

VideoMach 5.3.0   (2009-02-12)

  • Tested on Windows 7 Beta (slightly modified for compatibility)
  • [new] New presets in the Resize dialog to directly support popular LCD resolutions
  • [chg] Default resolution offered by Adjust Size > Resize is the original image resolution
  • [chg] Periodical update check now asks for permission before connecting to the Internet
  • [chg] Removed Abort button from the Pause Processing dialog
  • [fix] Some GUI problems

VideoMach 5.2.0   (2009-01-07)

  • [new] AVI file splitting
  • [new] Free rotation with anti-aliasing
  • [chg] Vision Research Cine decoder now supports files over 2GB (up to milion TB)
  • [chg] No more evaluation period, program is free for non-commercial use with a small banner on the first few frames
  • [chg] Installation folder is by default always the same, for all versions
  • [chg] Last used display unit is saved between sessions
  • [chg] AdjustRGB now has Symmetric turned on if all three values are equal
  • [chg] Show Produced Files Info moved to Files menu
  • [fix] Problem with UNC file names in some cases
  • [fix] Problem with resize preview with some resolutions
  • [fix] Output preview refresh after modifying in/out points of a video filter
  • [fix] Shift-click on the preview in Video Overlay filter didn't change the transparency key
  • [fix] In Text Overlay filter negative coordinates produced same result as positive
  • [fix] On systems without Windows Media encoder, WMV/WMA formats are now automatically disabled
  • [fix] Problem with site licenses on systems with remotely stored registry database
  • [fix] Errors when decoding certain FLC files

VideoMach 5.1.1   (2008-10-13)

  • [new] Renaming of output presets
  • [fix] AddVideoStream failed when creating WMV files with non-standard resolutions
  • [fix] When saving image sequences the Produced Files Info dialog wouldn't display the size of the entire sequence
  • [fix] Output picture size wasn't refreshed after changing in/out points for video filters

VideoMach 5.1.0   (2008-09-19)

  • [new] Exporting and importing presets
  • [new] "Insert Macro" button in the Text overlay
  • [fix] Bug in Edit In/Out points dialog, edit boxes were partially covered by the video preview
  • [fix] In some cases the output preview wasn't refreshed in the main window

VideoMach 5.0.5   (2008-09-10)

  • [new] Free rotation of images
  • [fix] Fixed problem when keeping original number of frames
  • [fix] Option to use negative and positive numbers of image sequences was hidden
  • [fix] Command-line parameters with spaces were causing problems
  • [fix] Minor problems on Windows Vista

VideoMach 5.0.1   (2008-08-15)

  • [chg] Increased speed of OGV decoding and improved frame seeking
  • [chg] Internet update check is now less frequent
  • [chg] Some Text Overlay settings
  • [fix] Not all Text Overlay parameters were saved to a project file
  • [fix] Rounding errors when specifying OGV / OGG data rate
  • [fix] Internal player time display wasn't rounded to the nearest second
  • [fix] Help in codec dialog boxes didn't work
  • [fix] Skewed OGV video for some non-standard resolutions
  • [fix] Seek problem in HAV files resulting in wrong video and audio data

VideoMach 5.0.0   (2008-08-11)

  • [new] Real-time preview for most of video filters
  • [new] Writing of Windows Media Format 9 compatible files in WMV and WMA file formats
  • [new] Support for writing animated GIFs (one palette per frame or single palette for all frames)
  • [new] Ogg Video format (Theora codec) for both reading and writing including multiplexed Ogg Video + Audio
  • [new] Anti-aliasing and soft shadow in the Text Overlay filter
  • [new] Custom presets to change all output settings in two clicks
  • [new] Linking of audio and video
  • [new] Support for new CINE subformats (10, 12 and 14bit) and new filename extension ".cine"
  • [new] File Info dialog now displays image size in megapixels
  • [new] New command-line parameter /SaveOutput
  • [new] Automatic update notification
  • [new] Border function to add fixed-size borders
  • [chg] Resize, Crop and Rotate moved to Video Filters > Adjust Size submenu
  • [chg] New project files, not 100% compatible with the old ones due to changes in Output Settings dialog
  • [chg] Simpler use of Matrix and Temporal Average functions
  • [chg] Paste now accepts copied file names from a text editor, just make sure they contain full path to the file
  • [chg] Improved caching results in faster loading of large images
  • [chg] VideoMach shows a warning if output resolution is too high
  • [chg] There's no default session anymore
  • [chg] When opening image sequences there's no frame rate dialog displayed automatically anymore
  • [fix] High amounts of Saturation produced invalid results
  • [fix] In very rare cases some JPEG images had swapped R and B color components
  • [fix] Video seek in MPEG files returned wrong images
  • [fix] Unsupported files were locked after trying to open them
  • [fix] Exception in some cases when opening AVI files
  • [fix] Problems with uncompressed AVI files larger than a gigabyte
  • [fix] Error if Cinepak doesn't exist (for example on Wine/Linux)
  • [fix] When reading some video clips via DirectShow interface VideoMach froze completely
  • [fix] When loading an image from plain-text list it would load entire sequence instead of a single image
  • [fix] Preview movie resolution was invalid in some cases
  • [fix] Some dialogs did not resize properly with the Large Fonts option
  • [fix] Bug when copying certain video filters
  • [fix] Video artifacts when decoding some GIF images

VideoMach 4.0.4   (2007-04-10)

  • [fix] Random pixels when loading PNM file in single image mode
  • [fix] Font button in Text Overlay was sometimes disabled

VideoMach 4.0.3   (2007-03-27)

  • [chg] Video Overlay function automatically detects and uses color-key
  • [fix] When image is missing in image sequence the error dialog now displays correct file name
  • [fix] Minor bugs in documentation

VideoMach 4.0.2   (2007-03-06)

  • [new] File > Add from Clipboard to paste files copied in Windows Explorer to VideoMach
  • [chg] Separate warnings for deleting files / video effects / alternative players
  • [fix] Problem with support for GIF and other formats in some cases
  • [fix] If Cinepak doesn't exist (for example on Wine/Linux) VideoMach would generate an error

VideoMach 4.0.1   (2007-02-09)

  • [new] New visual controls to refresh the user interface
  • [new] Support for 10-bit and 14-bit CINE subformats
  • [new] Support for FRAPS decoder
  • [new] Pixel coordinates and color are now displayed in the zoom window of the preview panel (useful for finding the White Balance color)
  • [new] "/Minimize" command-line parameter
  • [new] Option to copy contents of the log to clipboard
  • [new] Two different versions of the program depending on the license
  • [new] Warning when video and audio lengths don't match (with 1 second tolerance)
  • [chg] You can now open project files in both ways, through Project > Open and File > Open
  • [chg] Extended free upgrade period
  • [chg] Program asks for confirmation when removing a file or video effect (can be turned off)
  • [fix] Problems with uncompressed AVI files larger than a gigabyte
  • [fix] Problems with some DV AVI subformats
  • [fix] Adding video effects sometimes caused errors
  • [fix] Sorting in AVI codec selection dialog
  • [fix] Program exception when closing Edit In/Out Points dialog during playing
  • [fix] In/out points for video effects were sometimes negative
  • [fix] Problem with saving output after loading damaged sessions or last used codec information

VideoMach 3.5.2   (2006-03-03)

  • [chg] Program is installed for all users on a single machine
  • [chg] Registration for one user on a single machine works for other user account as well, except for the Guest account that must be registered independently
  • [fix] Blur filter was missing from the list
  • [fix] In some rare cases vertical resolution of uncompressed AVI files was interpreted wrongly
  • [fix] Output Settings window was resetting dithering options
  • [fix] Output file was unfinished in some cases

VideoMach 3.5.0   (2006-02-22)

  • [new] Easily configurable Play With command useful when you want to test a file in several different players
  • [new] After conversion is over a dialog is displayed where you can view file info, play the file with default or custom player or open the folder that contains the output file
  • [new] Support for print resolution (DPI) in File Info and Output Settings dialog
  • [new] MPEG multiplexing progress indicator
  • [chg] Last used video and audio codec is now remembered between sessions
  • [chg] File Information window can now display information for external files that are not yet open in VideoMach
  • [chg] New dialog for editing Local File Associations accessible via the Tools menu
  • [chg] Produced Files Information dialog can be switched off either in Options or in the Output Settings dialog
  • [chg] It's enough to register VideoMach once per machine instead for each user separately
  • [chg] In Video Overlay function the transparency value is initially set to "solid" for non-32-bit overlays
  • [chg] Video Overlay now accepts negative coordinates
  • [fix] Importing files from a file list in most cases didn't work
  • [fix] Some values in the video effect parameter windows were wrongly displayed
  • [fix] Wrong length of audio stream decoded via DirectShow interface with some codecs
  • [fix] Some AVI encoding capable codecs were wrongly detected as decoder only
  • [fix] Problems with locked input and output files after an error occured or after aborting conversion
  • [fix] Uncompressed (DIB) 8-bit and 15-bit AVI files were reported as 24-bit
  • [fix] Sometimes after color reduction output files were not saved
  • [fix] Reduction to 8-bit color palette was producing odd colors in some cases
  • [fix] No error were reported when saving MPEGs on disks without enough free space
  • [fix] When output file name is specified sometimes the output format isn't recognized
  • [fix] Edit In/Out Points for video filters didn't work correctly
  • [fix] Access violation error on some XP systems
  • [fix] A block of memory allocated but not released in Count Colors tool
  • [fix] Crash to Windows when loading codec data for some codecs
  • [fix] Time-position for in/out points was sometimes wrong
  • [fix] Error if overlay coordinates are negative
  • [fix] Crash when reading MPEG parameters from project files

VideoMach 3.4.1   (2005-08-23)

  • [chg] When saving input or output screenshots the image file is named after original input file and its frame number
  • [fix] There was no preview in the Edit In/Out points dialog (it was newly introduced bug)
  • [fix] Silence longer than a few seconds (added with Insert Audio Silence) was in some cases causing errors during conversion
  • [fix] Playing HAV files was causing random noise and errors in Internal Player
  • [fix] Edit > Sync Length didn't work if audio file had in-point defined
  • [fix] Internal player sometimes generated access violation exceptions
  • [fix] Video effects list didn't refresh after editing effect's parameters
  • [fix] Asking for frame rate when opening audio files or files with unsupported video stream
  • [fix] Bug in 8-bit color reduction, in some cases color palette was invalid
  • [fix] Uncompressed (DIB) 8-bit and 15-bit AVI files were reported as 24-bit

VideoMach 3.4.0   (2005-06-21)

  • [new] JPEG-2000 file format and codestream support
  • [new] Matrix command-line parameters (see Help > Contents > Command-line parameters)
  • [new] Ability to change direction for each input file, you can combine forward and backward saving
  • [chg] Dialog "Speed and Direction" inherits "Frame rate and Duration", adds file direction
  • [chg] Better support for file formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, VOB, etc. through DirectShow interface
  • [fix] Some 8-bit RLE BMP images were unreadable due to strange scan line packaging
  • [fix] Crash when mistakenly reading audio track from AVI files with no audio
  • [fix] Nonstandard TIFF with alpha channel (32-bit) on output
  • [fix] In very rare cases an exception occured when opening GIFs
  • [fix] Fatal memory manager error occured in some extremely rare cases
  • [fix] Bug in matrix creation, output frame rate was lower than specified

VideoMach 3.3.4   (2005-03-26)

  • [new] Command-line parameter for automated Matrix creation
  • [chg] Faster Bayer / CINE decoder
  • [chg] Project > Open doesn't append video filters to existing ones
  • [fix] Problems with adding audio silence introduced in the previous release
  • [fix] "Cannot read from movie file" problem
  • [fix] Problem in internal media player which slowed down CINE format playing
  • [fix] "Turn off after processing" would switch off computer even after pressing Cancel
  • [fix] Video Overlay fails when input is 8-bit (FLC, GIF, ...)

VideoMach 3.3.3   (2005-03-15)

  • [new] Option to shut down computer after saving
  • [chg] Improved FLI/FLC decoder
  • [chg] Set Out Point for audio files synchronizes the out point to the global video position
  • [chg] Video effects are now arranged in submenus
  • [chg] Navigation keyboard shortcuts made compatible to the latest version of Imagen
  • [fix] Output settings weren't always read from project files
  • [fix] Problems with automated conversions when using Cinepak video and/or PCM audio

VideoMach 3.3.1   (2005-02-25)

  • [chg] Better video quality and rate control for Fast MPEG encoder
  • [fix] Problems when opening MPEGs over 2GB
  • [fix] Access violation error when starting VideoMach

VideoMach 3.3.0   (2005-02-16)

  • [new] Overlay function with alpha channel or color key transparency
  • [new] Support for all resolutions and frame rates of Bayer HG 100K file format
  • [new] MPEG-2 files can be opened if a suitable MPEG-2 DirectShow filter is installed
  • [new] Support for CINEs in Bayer GB/RG, CINE GBRG/RGGB and CINE BGGR/GRBG subformats
  • [new] Support for 8-bit TIFFs with alpha channel by converting them to plain 8-bit colorspace
  • [new] Many messages can now be disabled by checking "Don't show this again"
  • [new] Warnings when using older codecs or no compression at all
  • [chg] Colors reconstruction algorithm for Bayer and CINE formats improved. Images look sharper with more realistic colors
  • [chg] Temporary and final MPEG files are now written to the same folder
  • [chg] Keep Original Duration is now displayed as combo box with two values
  • [chg] Fast MPEG encoder now can reach lower bitrates even if video is hard to compress which is especially useful for VCD
  • [fix] AC3 audio with more then two channels now automatically converts to stereo sound
  • [fix] Problem with shorter audio for some damaged MPEG files
  • [fix] Written MP4 QuickTime files worked only with 3ivx decoder and not with original QiuckTime decoder
  • [fix] Problem when saving project files, the file extension was sometimes invalid
  • [fix] Automatic resizing method was set to Resize Instead of Resample
  • [fix] Automatic resizing didn't take into account current codec's abilities
  • [fix] Automatic color depth calculating was sometimes invalid when converting from 8-bit to 24-bit
  • [fix] The Grayscale check box was always disable (that was a new bug)
  • [fix] When default project was defined it wouldn't clear the previous contents of file lists
  • [fix] Create Preview Movie would cause errors when input was audio-only
  • [fix] Problem with calling external player for WMV files
  • [fix] Sync Length can now synchronize one file to the length of all selected files in the other list
  • [fix] Many minor bugs in user interface

VideoMach 3.2.0   (2004-11-11)

  • [new] New HAV format, file size up to milion TB (terabytes); VideoMach can read the old format but writes only the new one
  • [chg] File information for multiple files now displays the summary
  • [chg] Both preview panels are now refreshed as you drag the preview slider
  • [chg] It's easier to manually enter values in video filter dialogs
  • [chg] When all input files are audio-only the output mode is automatically set to audio-only
  • [fix] Correctly inherits the license key from the previous version
  • [fix] Problems with setting audio format for PCM AVI / WAV audio codecs
  • [fix] AVI Windows Media Audio V2 codec now works
  • [fix] Wrong frame order for some AVI files encoded with Indeo codec
  • [fix] Internal media player didn't show correct duration when audio was longer than audio
  • [fix] Division by zero exception in some rare cases

VideoMach 3.1.7   (2004-10-21)

  • [new] Simple way to delete recent files and folders
  • [new] Command in the file context menu to play a file in Internal Player regardless of current file associations
  • [chg] When opening an image sequence you can now enter or confirm its frame rate (can be turned off)
  • [chg] Internal Player respects the input frame rate when playing files from the video list
  • [fix] "Division by zero" exception when inserting silence
  • [fix] Preview display had invalid size in the Edit In/Out Points dialog

VideoMach 3.1.6   (2004-10-05)

  • [new] Volume control in internal media player
  • [chg] If VideoMach is minimized during processing it is automatically restored on finish
  • [fix] in the Add Text dialog the Y coordinate was always equal to X
  • [fix] Bug in MPEG data rate setting which results in too large output MPEG files
  • [fix] Problem with automatic playing and loss of audio in internal media player
  • [fix] Unused preferences of previous versions of VideoMach are now correctly removed from system registry

VideoMach 3.1.5   (2004-09-23)

  • [new] Newly created files are now added to the Recent Files List
  • [new] Save progress window displays the current and projected output file size
  • [chg] Fade In / Fade Out now displays no dialog, it's range is defined by in/out points
  • [fix] Aspect ratio code written into MPEG-1 streams was wrong
  • [fix] Scanning for true number of frames in MPEG files in some cases ended prematurely
  • [fix] Codec data rate wasn't saved when exiting the Codec Settings dialog
  • [fix] When reading projects some AVI parameters weren't loaded
  • [fix] Minor problems with editing in/out points
  • [fix] Double-clicking the file in video or audio list had no effect
  • [fix] Exceptions when reading WAV files in old format

VideoMach 3.1.2   (2004-08-20)

  • [new] Formats like QT MP4 and many other supported through DirectShow filters will be opened in AVI simulation mode
  • [new] Fast Forward and Fast Backward buttons in the main window
  • [chg] Image sequence is the default choice when opening images
  • [fix] Frequent "Access Violation" errors when opening audio and video files
  • [fix] Muted audio and slow extraction of video from newer AVI-DV files
  • [fix] TGA files containing comments were interpreted wrongly
  • [fix] Saving video and audio to separate files failed
  • [fix] Synchronizing audio length would reset the audio in-point
  • [fix] After rendering the preview movie output info panel wasn't refreshed
  • [fix] Automatic frame rate calculation didn't always work after changing the input frame rate

VideoMach 3.1.1   (2004-07-12)

  • [chg] When there's no input video but there's audio the preview display informs you about that
  • [chg] Future versions of VideoMach can inherit preferences from older versions
  • [fix] When you open an audio file there was a warning about invalid frame rate
  • [fix] Invalid sound was loaded when some types of MPEG files were processed from the command-line
  • [fix] Problem with some license codes which didn't unlock VideoMach properly

VideoMach 3.1.0   (2004-07-01)

  • [new] Macro commands in AddText filter which enables it to display current frame number or frame time
  • [new] Support for writing AC3 compatible file format
  • [chg] Ogg Vorbis quality now supports decimal values from -1.0 to +10.0
  • [chg] Last image type is memorized when saving input and/our output screenshot
  • [chg] Simplified making of local file associations in the Options dialog
  • [chg] When saving projects you are now choosing the contents first
  • [fix] Last frame of some AVI files was unaccessible in VideoMach
  • [fix] In/out points for video effects were not correctly read from a project file
  • [fix] Gaussian Noise and Random Noise didn't work
  • [fix] Jump To Out Point for video effects didn't work
  • [fix] Picture wasn't centered in internal media player for some picture sizes
  • [fix] Memory leak when loading project files several times in a row

VideoMach 3.0.5   (2004-06-12)

  • [new] Support for reading AC3 compatible audio as standalone format or from MPEG-2 files containing AC3 audio stream
  • [fix] Bug which in some cases leaves VideoMach unregistered even after entering a valid registration key
  • [fix] SaveVideo and SaveAudio command-line parameters didn't override file names stored in the project file
  • [fix] Several bugs in internal media player which resulted in inaccurate preview and position display
  • [fix] Automatic data rate set too high if input files are uncompressed

VideoMach 3.0.0   (2004-06-03)

  • [new] Feature to compress and save audio to AVI files via ACM interface
  • [new] Support for large MPEG files, over 2GB and over 4GB, up to milion TB (terabytes)
  • [new] GIF single image (or sequence of images) as output format
  • [new] Internal media player based on Moyager, automatically assigned to exotic file types
  • [new] Moving of files and video filters in the list by using Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down arrows (see the Edit menu)
  • [new] Fade In/Out effect
  • [new] File menu contains recently used files and folders for easier access
  • [new] Support for RGGB 640x480 pixels Bayer and HG-100K subformat of 512x512, 800x600, 752x752, 1024x1024, 1184x1056 and 1152x1128 pixels, true color
  • [new] Support for 1-bit uncompressed TIFFs
  • [new] Support for Vision Research Cine format, only uncompressed frames are decoded for now
  • [new] Now compressed AVI audio is decoded via DirectX interface which enables support for many new codecs such as WMA and full support for MP3
  • [new] Support for MPEG audio Layer-I decoding
  • [new] Support for various subformats of Intel Indeo 5 AVI codec
  • [new] Support for DivX and Indeo Video file formats (.divx and .ivf file extensions) which are actually AVI subformats
  • [new] Support for 48-bit TIFF images by converting them to 24-bit images
  • [new] Support for 1-bit PNG images by converting them to 8-bit images with grayscale palette
  • [new] Support for reading 32-bit PNG and writing 32-bit TIFF images
  • [chg] License conditions and fees, please read "License Agreement" and "Pricing and Registration"
  • [chg] Redesigned AVI video codecs selection dialog with many improvements
  • [chg] All image functions now support 32-bit color depth
  • [chg] High-Quality MPEG encoder speeded up, between two and three times faster
  • [chg] Sessions are now called Projects and aren't backward compatible; the new format is much more flexible
  • [chg] Per-user settings instead of per-machine should fix problems in multi-user environments (on a single computer)
  • [chg] Using MPEG for preview rendering which makes much smaller preview files
  • [chg] Easier synchronization of video and audio selections (context menu)
  • [chg] Extremely fast opening of image sequences
  • [chg] Faster versions of many file format decoders and encoders: MPEG-1 video, MPEG audio, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, OggVorbis, XPM
  • [chg] Audio is interleaved exactly every second instead of interleaving it every FPS frames which is not so accurate
  • [chg] Maximum image resoultion increased from 16000x16000 to 30000x30000 pixels
  • [chg] New MPEG-1 video and MPEG Layer-II audio encoder. Much faster encoding, video about 15 times faster and audio about 10 times faster compared to the old version
  • [chg] Some checkings are removed to make image sequence detection faster
  • [chg] File information displayed in a table
  • [fix] Problem of garbled first frame when output is a Microsoft Video-1 (MSVC) encoded AVI
  • [fix] DV AVI files are now decoded in full resolution regardless of setting in DirectShow DV Decoder
  • [fix] Bug in the new MPEG audio decoder causing memory write access exceptions in some cases
  • [fix] Problems with duration and frames appearing before or after then they should in animated GIFs
  • [fix] Aspect ratio and other information in MPEGs is now set accordingly to output video format, PAL or NTSC
  • [fix] Padding problem with MPEGs, especially VCD compliant
  • [fix] Bug in MPEG decoder that in some cases caused unpleasant artifacts in both video and audio
  • [fix] In some very rare cases a memory allocation failure whould occur when writing AVI files
  • [fix] Problems with GIFs containing "application data" extension
  • [fix] MP3 streams of very low quality were not recognized correctly
  • [fix] Bug in FLC RLE decoder
  • [fix] When opening multiple files first and last file were swapped (added workaround for this traditional Windows problem)

VideoMach 2.7.2   (2003-03-11)

  • [new] Automatic data rate calculation
  • [fix] Minor bugs in user interface

VideoMach 2.7.1   (2003-01-28)

  • [new] Support for Indeo Video File format (.ivf file extension) which is actually an AVI subformat
  • [new] When opening large files there's a progress indicator and it can be interrupted by pressing ESC
  • [new] Support for 48-bit TIFF images by converting them to 24-bit images
  • [new] Support for 1-bit PNG images by converting them to 8-bit images with grayscale palette
  • [chg] Some checkings are removed to make image sequence detection faster
  • [chg] File size in info panels is shown in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes, whichever is appropriate
  • [fix] The /LOG command-line parameter doesn't display a dialog anymore
  • [fix] Resize, Crop and Rotate are always done last, after applying other image functions, which is extremely important when using the Deinterlace function
  • [fix] Exporting list to VFL didn't store the decimal part of frame rate
  • [fix] Uncompressed size in output info display was invalid for large output files
  • [fix] Silence length in the output file was almost always invalid
  • [fix] Problems with newer releases of DivX codec; The codec says it can handle any image size, but actually fails if image width or height is not divisable by 4

VideoMach 2.7.0   (2002-11-08)

  • [new] New subformat of AVI Cinepak codec supported
  • [new] Support for non-standard Sun Rasterfile formats
  • [new] Add Text filter
  • [new] Motion Blur filter
  • [new] Two buttons in the Define Output dialog which completely automatize creation of VCD files
  • [new] Command-line parameter /OpenFile now supports asterisks so it's possible to open all files in a folder, or all files of some type
  • [new] Save Output Preview function which saves the content of the output preview window, in full output size and with all filters applied
  • [new] Current input and output frames can be displayed during processing
  • [new] During processing you can see the free space on destination disk(s) and stop processing if there isn't enough space
  • [new] Output File Information panel now displays the size of uncompressed video and audio
  • [new] The VMH file type (VideoMach Session) is now associated with VideoMach immediately after installation
  • [new] Support for images with resolutions under 4x4 pixels
  • [chg] Ogg Vorbis library has been upgraded to v1.0
  • [chg] Sun Rasterfiles written by VideoMach are now compatible with most image viewers
  • [chg] Chaos filter is now static which results in better compression
  • [chg] New session files are a bit different and can't be open with older versions of VideoMach
  • [fix] Last frame of a MPEG file were decoded incorrectly in some very rare cases
  • [fix] Problems decoding AVI files with MP3 audio stream
  • [fix] Images returned by DirectX AVI decoder were sometimes skewed
  • [fix] Some non-standard FLICs caused program crashes
  • [fix] Now all MP3 ID3v2 tags are skipped correctly
  • [fix] Problem with output preview for 16 color images
  • [fix] Read-only session files could not be open
  • [fix] When choosing folder for saving audio files the most recent video folder was used (instead of audio)
  • [fix] SVCD resolutions were invalid
  • [fix] When writing session files VideoMach didn't ask whether to overwrite an existing file
  • [fix] Corrupted MP3 files caused exceptions in MSVCRT
  • [fix] Animated GIFs with comment extensions were recognized as standard one-frame GIFs
  • [fix] Problem recognizing MPEG video files with garbage at stream start
  • [fix] Problems with saving single 256-color images

VideoMach 2.6.3   (2002-07-04)

  • [new] Support for reading 4-bit BMP images by converting them to 8-bit images
  • [chg] About box, see the credits section in the readme.txt for more details
  • [fix] Large MPEG files were decoded wrongly after some point or truncated resulting in shorter duration
  • [fix] Bug introduced in previous release which disables support for 24-bit TIFF images
  • [fix] Changing output audio frequency would sometimes reset the number of channels or bits per sample in the Define Output dialog
  • [fix] When defining the in/out points the current preview picture is now the same as in the main window

VideoMach 2.6.2   (2002-06-20)

  • [new] Support for 1-bit TIFFs with inverted bit values for black and white color and grayscale TIFFs with 16-bit per sample
  • [chg] MPEG audio decoder replaced with better implementation resulting in 7 times faster decoding times and significant gain in code stability
  • [chg] Seeking in MPEG files is much faster, almost instant
  • [chg] Further speed improvements when opening MPEG system files (about three times faster)
  • [chg] PNG library has been upgraded to v1.2.2
  • [fix] Various memory errors (leaks) in MPEG decoder and especially encoder completely? removed thanks to Valgrind software (see Readme.txt)
  • [fix] FLIC encoder problems when compressing animations with small amount of changes between frames
  • [fix] Some image functions would garble the image palette; this was a newly introduced bug
  • [fix] Internal bug causing code instabilities (UNI protocol fault)
  • [fix] Image resolutions are now adjusted to be divisible by 4 when encoding to DivX or Indeo 5

VideoMach 2.6.1   (2002-04-29)

  • [new] In the help file you can find the procedure of creating a VCD file
  • [chg] Improved MPEG de-multiplexer resulting in support for wider range of system MPEG files including VCD format, even by directly opening .dat files
  • [chg] MPEG files are now opened about three times faster
  • [chg] Default bitrate for MPEG-1 video streams changed to 1758 kbits/s
  • [fix] Some audio MPEG files were recognized as video files causing program instabilities
  • [fix] Full frames AVI files sometimes got decoded wrongly resulting in images with shifted colors (BGR instead of RGB)

VideoMach 2.6.0   (2002-04-06)

  • [new] Reading PCM audio from AVI files is handled via DirectX interface if VFW interface fails to recognize stream
  • [new] Parameters for MPEG audio and Ogg Vorbis audio can now be changed, in previous version they were fixed
  • [new] New TIFF codecs: CCITT Group 3 Fax, CCITT Group 4 Fax and CCITT modified Huffman RLE
  • [new] Support for reading 1-bit (monochrome) BMP images by converting them to 8-bit images
  • [chg] New MPEG de-multiplexer adds support for many non-standard subformats
  • [chg] Ogg Vorbis library has been upgraded to v1.0 RC3
  • [chg] PNG library has been upgraded to v1.2.1
  • [chg] Documentation is now in HTML format and hopefully easier to follow for new users
  • [chg] When opening sessions and file lists VideoMach now reports files which were not found
  • [chg] When bringing up the Define Output dialog the last used tab is displayed
  • [fix] Best Fit Using Crop in Advanced Resize Options was sometimes producing odd results
  • [fix] SGI file format: Writing uncompressed images and reading 32-bit images didn't work
  • [fix] When input files were MPEGs the program would sometimes crash after a successful conversion

VideoMach 2.5.6   (2001-12-27)

  • [chg] Ogg Vorbis library has been upgraded to the latest version 1.0 RC2
  • [fix] A very important bug in MPEG audio decoder has been fixed that caused frequent system instabilities
  • [fix] When opening sessions or file lists the program does not ask how to open image sequences anymore
  • [fix] Audio-only output file is now played automatically after creation

VideoMach 2.5.5   (2001-12-13)

  • [new] Previewing large images in original size, just click the input or output preview panels to display it in a new window; close this window by clicking anywhere inside the displayed image
  • [chg] AVI loader now utilizes DirectX interface when Video For Windows fails to recognize video stream. This basically adds native support for Digital Video (dvsd), MS MPEG-4 and any
  • other codecs including some new subformats of standard VFW codecs (i.e. Cinepak, Indeo, MS Video-1, etc.)
  • [new] /LOG command-line option to enable logging
  • Added few more MPEG data rate presets
  • [chg] Bayer color decoding scheme has been replaced with a new version that uses bicubic interpolation between neighboring pixels
  • [chg] MPEG multiplexor has been significantly improved
  • [chg] The log file is now generated in the root folder
  • [chg] You can start a new session by clicking Ctrl-N even if you don't use a custom session file
  • [fix] Some command-line options were not working on Windows 2000
  • [fix] The preview was not working correctly in some cases
  • [fix] Getting info from AngelPotion's MPEG-4 AVI codec
  • [fix] VideoMach would froze if no End Of Stream code were found in MPEG system stream

VideoMach 2.5.3   (2001-10-18)

  • [fix] Problem with File/Open dialog that would freeze the application on some systems
  • [fix] MCL would froze if no End Of Stream code were found in MPEG video stream
  • [fix] Parts of documentation

VideoMach 2.5.2   (2001-10-04)

  • [new] When you install this version it will automatically get options and registration info from the previous version (2.5.1) so that you don't have to enter your registration key again. You should first install this version, then uninstall the previous one.
  • [new] AVI codec parameters changed in Format Options dialog are now remembered during the active session
  • [new] New type of dithering useful for creating FLC animations; the compression ratio is almost the same as if no dithering is used, but the picture looks better
  • [fix] When frame rate was changed the overall duration of the clip was not always updated correctly
  • [fix] Problem in command-line mode: the program would stop execution and ask whether to overwrite an existing output file, which is of course not desired in automated processing
  • [fix] Several minor bugs

VideoMach 2.5.1   (2001-08-24)

  • [new] This release will copy most of the settings from the last used version of VideoMach. For this to work you must first install this version, then uninstall the previous one. The registration key is not copied, it must be entered again.Fixed: Parameters modified in "Configure" dialog box of some AVI codecs (i.e. MS MPEG-4, Cinepak, etc.) are now correctly interpreted by VFW interface
  • [chg] Lower prices for site and world-wide licenses and their upgrades
  • [fix] Problems with communication between VideoMach and Moyager

VideoMach 2.5.0   (2001-07-31)

  • [new] White Balance function useful to adjust color changes caused by imperfections in lighting conditions and image recording equipment
  • [new] Support for 32-bit BMP/DIB format
  • [chg] Upgraded PNG library to ver. 1.0.12
  • [chg] The Stop button in the progress window is renamed to "Pause" to indicate that except aborting the conversion you can use it to temporarily suspend VideoMach and give more CPU time to other running applications; the processing is resumed after choosing ContinueFixed: Bug when saving very wide TIFF and PNG files
  • [fix] The Open File dialog can now select around 2500 filenames at once, the actual number depends on the total lenght of all filenames; read FAQ on the VideoMach home page to see how to overcome this limitation
  • [fix] Files were in inverse order after being dragged from Windows Explorer (or other app) and dropped to VideoMach
  • [fix] When saving 8-bit video (e.g. FLC or RLE-AVI) and applying any of the convolution filters (Blur, Soften, Sharpen, Emboss, etc.) the final picture was destroyed
  • [fix] Bug when writing MPEG audio files; they were always shorter with frequent clicks and pops
  • [fix] There were problems with running several copies of VideoMach at the same time
  • [fix] Rendered preview was using invalid aspect ratio
  • [fix] Minor memory leaks

VideoMach 2.4.0   (2001-06-08)

  • [new] Command line parameters, now you can do automated conversions with VideoMach (read more in help, under Command Line Parameters)
  • [new] Keyboard shortcut for Save Current Picture (F2) and File In/Out Points (F6)
  • [chg] The way images and image sequences are open, now you can easier open images that belong to an image sequence
  • [chg] The name of the log file to "vmlog.txt"
  • [fix] Problem with the position bar, the current audio file is now correctly highlighted
  • [fix] Bug when demultiplexing audio from system MPEGs
  • [fix] Problem with MPEGs created in VideoMach that won't open in Windows Media Player

VideoMach 2.3.5   (2001-02-19)

  • [new] Frame rate dialog enables changing of input frame rate for all selected files in one step; useful for creating slide shows
  • [fix] FLCs created with VideoMach should now play in all FLIC players
  • [fix] Some types of GIF were wrongly decoded
  • [fix] When saving current frame if the file already exists you will be asked to overwrite it
  • [fix] Fixed file locking problem with MPEG audio files

VideoMach 2.3.4   (2000-12-23)

  • [new] FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our web site
  • [fix] TGA files were saved with invalid header on some systems
  • [fix] BGR instead of RGB palette when reading animated GIFs with multiple palettes
  • [fix] PCM encoded WAV files, including AVI sound were not open correctly (that was a new bug introduced in previous version)

VideoMach 2.3.3   (2000-11-27)

  • [fix] There were problems reading and/or synchronizing audio encoded with DivX, MP3 and similar AVI and WAV codecs
  • [fix] When selecting some specific AVI codecs like Matrox MJPEG hardware codec a memory fault occurred
  • [fix] Some system MPEG files were not recognized correctly
  • [fix] Found problems with resizing of windows on some display resolutions
  • [fix] Several minor bugs in GUI

VideoMach 2.3.1   (2000-10-19)

  • [new] New image sequence mode that enables negative frame numbers to be correctly recognized and sorted
  • [chg] Lower price for commercial license
  • [chg] It is now easier to change the duration of an image by clicking File Settings and changing the value of the Frame Duration box (useful for credit screens)
  • [fix] Bug when exporting file list: first audio file was not listed
  • [fix] Bug with time values; milliseconds were read incorrectly
  • [fix] Bug with PNM and RAS codec selection: there were some "empty" codecs listed in the Format Settings dialog

VideoMach 2.3.0   (2000-08-15)

  • [new] Support for Ogg Vorbis audio files, it's a new format for high-compression / high-quality audio that's better than MP3. OGG is open to everyone, no patents, no royalties
  • [new] Matrix tool to tile images in a two-dimensional table
  • [new] One more Bayer sub-format (512 x 144)
  • [new] VideoMach still doesn't support MPEG-2 video (see why in readme.txt) but this version can extract the audio track from MPEG-2 system files
  • [chg] Equalize function now produces nicer images
  • [chg] Default extension option is removed from the Options dialog, if you supply an output file name without the extension the last one used will be appended
  • [chg] Custom colors in Color Selection dialog are now automatically saved between sessions
  • [chg] When exporting a file list the VFL format is now default
  • [fix] Bugs with MS-MPEG4 and DivX AVI codecs

VideoMach 2.2.1   (2000-06-13)

  • [fix] Problems with large fonts in several dialogs
  • [fix] Minor memory leak when canceling the addition of a video effect

VideoMach 2.2.0   (2000-06-02)

  • [new] Temporal Average tool
  • [new] Count Colors tool
  • [chg] Run Moyager starts multiple instances of Moyager
  • [fix] Text captions when Large Fonts is selected in Windows
  • [fix] Bugs in MPEG video engine
  • [fix] Other minor bugs

VideoMach 2.1.0   (2000-05-10)

  • [new] MPEG reading supports more subformats
  • [new] System-MPEG output (still not enough tested)
  • [new] More TIFF compression options
  • [new] Shell extension
  • [new] Automatic values for most of output parameters
  • [new] Sessions that contain output parameters saved with the previous version of VideoMach are not compatible with this version (files and effects are loaded, but output params are ignored)
  • [new] Starting a blank new session has a shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-N)
  • [chg] Video Effect Range does not exist on the button bar anymore but the option is still available through the Video Effects menu
  • [fix] Missing links in session loading; files that have audio-video link are now loaded properly
  • [fix] Bug in HAV saving; HAV files with audio created with older versions of VideoMach should be re-converted using this version to avoid possible problems with playing
  • [fix] Many other small bugs

VideoMach 2.0.1   (2000-04-04)

  • [new] Included sample scripts (see the Scripts subfolder)
  • [chg] File Settings, Crop and RGB-Edit dialogs
  • [chg] Video Effects Range can be applied to all selected effects
  • [chg] File Info comma-delimited information is now easier to import in spreadsheets and databases
  • [chg] VFL comment marker to "#"
  • [fix] Session loading
  • [fix] File size values in the File Info dialog
  • [fix] File extension lists in the Define Output dialog
  • [fix] MPEG keep duration problem
  • [fix] Playing of MPEG files
  • [fix] Some minor bugs

VideoMach 2.0.0   (2000-03-28)

  • [new] Included sample scripts (see the Scripts subfolder)
  • [chg] File Settings, Crop and RGB-Edit dialogs
  • [chg] Video Effects Range can be applied to all selected effects
  • [chg] File Info comma-delimited information is now easier to import in spreadsheets and databases
  • [chg] VFL comment marker to "#"
  • [fix] Session loading
  • [fix] File size values in the File Info dialog
  • [fix] File extension lists in the Define Output dialog
  • [fix] MPEG keep duration problem
  • [fix] Playing of MPEG files
  • [fix] Some minor bugs