2015-07-19:  VideoMach 5.15.1 released, list of changes:

  • [new] Image sequences with date/time numeration and non-sequential numbers can now be open
  • [new] Image sequences are expanded to separate images
  • [new] GIF transparency and looping dialog
  • [new] Edit -> Sort By -> Reverse Order, to reverse order of selected files in the list
  • [chg] Edit In-Out Points dialog now opens faster
  • [chg] Keyboard shortcuts changed, grouped more logically
  • [chg] Split button opens a submenu
  • [chg] Merge Parts function can unsplit files back to a single file
  • [chg] HAV is now playing in Internal Player by default
  • [fix] GIF decoding improved, fixed many bugs
  • [fix] Copy/Paste/Duplicate files and filters fixed
  • [fix] Fixed several bugs in user-interface
  • [fix] Fixed bug in Blend Transparent Area

SuperSimple Video Converter

2015-03-09:  SuperSimple Video Converter 2015 , list of changes:

  • [chg] Minor changes in GUI
  • [fix] Problem with resizing multiple files where size was constantly shrinking

Photo Vacuum Packer

2010-12-03:  Photo Vacuum Packer 2010.3, list of changes:

  • Added: Support for JPEG-2000 file format on input
  • Added: Option to skip 32-bit and 8-bit images
  • Added: Option to set current or keep original file date
  • Changed: Even better JPEG optimization
  • Changed: Progressive web-compatible image encoding
  • Changed: Optimized files are always stored to a new folder
  • Fixed: Checking for updates was displaying window even if no updates were found


2009-07-17:  Imagen 3.1.2 released, list of changes:

  • Added: Support for CINE compression 5
  • Fixed: GIF palette problem

HAV Library

2008-09-22:  Software library version 1.0.1 for Gromada HAV media format is available here.