VideoMach Video Converter

VideoMach is a powerful image/video/audio builder.

Turn BAYER / CINE / TIFF / JPEG / PNG / BMP and other images to AVI, MPEG, WMV, HAV, FLC, animated GIF or any of the supported video and image formats. Produce internet WEB-M videos. Extract pictures and music from movies. Crop unwanted borders, resize, rotate and enhance videos and images, add music to animations, apply numerous video filters and much more.  


SuperSimple Video Converter

SuperSimple Video Converter

SuperSimple Video Converter is a free, fast, simple-to-use multimedia converter.

Convert videos and music for use with mobile phones, tablets, DVD, YouTube, PC, Mac, Linux, gaming consoles and other devices. Shrink videos for faster display on small screens. Extract music from videos. Change size, quality, bit rate and other parameters.

Supports all the modern codecs and formats like MP4 (H.264 and H.263), MOV, DIVX, MKV, WebM, MP3 and many others.


Photo Vacuum Packer

Photo Vacuum Packer

Photo Vacuum Packer creates optimized versions of your photos.

Optimized photos may take less than 50% of disk space required by the originals, with the same image dimensions. Optimization is recommended after downloading photos from almost all popular still image cameras to reduce file sizes without perceptible change in quality.



Imagen Player

Imagen is a multimedia player capable of displaying sequentially numerated images as if it was a video file.

Use Imagen to preview your image sequences on the fly, before converting them to video. Imagen supports most of popular image, video and audio formats, including Gromada HAV.



HAV High Quality Lossless Audio Video Format

HAV Library - Read and write Gromada HAV files.

Gromada HAV format is a lossless compressed format with 100% uncompressed quality. It is excellent for archiving or editing purposes. LibHAV is an open source library to decode or encode Gromada HAV files. Free for any purpose (open source).


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