Video Overlay

Use this function to put a company logo or animation over the output video. Overlay can be a single image, image sequence or a video file. Click inside the preview box to adjust the X/Y position. To make any color transparent shift-click on it inside the preview box.

NOTE: If you have several files of different sizes on input you may wish to apply the Resize function before adding a video overlay. Otherwise, the inserted video may look larger on a smaller background video its position may appear to change, since the final resizing changes dimensions of the entire output.

Overlay File

Choose File - Click on the button to choose the file you wish to set as the overlay.

Image Sequence Options - When overlay is an image you can choose whether to use just the first image or the entire image sequence (if possible).


X position - Position of the overlay from the left margin (in pixels). Or just click inside the preview to change X and Y position.

Y position - Position of the overlay from the top margin (in pixels). Or just click inside the preview to change X and Y position.


Mode - Which method of transparency is used:

  • Opaque - No transparency.
  • Color Key - One of the colors in the picture is transparent. Any area containing that color becomes transparent. In case you see jagged edges turn on anti-aliasing.
  • Alpha Channel - This is the best method of transparency but it requires the overlay video to contain the alpha channel (transparency information). When properly prepared this type of transparency results in best visual effects, soft edges, soft shadows, transparency gradients and other professional effects.

Anti-aliasing - Softens jaggy edges in the Color Key mode. Disabled in other modes.

Transparent Color - Used in Color Key mode to specify the transparent color. This color is automatically computed when opening a new (non-32-bit) file. Shift-click on the desired color in the preview window to make the selection visually.


Direction - Choose in which direction the overlay video is played:

  • No looping - Show just the first picture.
  • Loop forward - Display pictures from first to last.
  • Loop backward - Display pictures from last to first.
  • Ping pong - Go forward till the last picture, then backward to the first picture, then forward again...

Loop Repeats - How many times the overlay video is repeated.